Why You Should Replace Cracked Windshields Instantly

If your car’s windshield is cracked or chipped even slightly, then you have no other recourse but to have it fixed. Damaged windshields aren’t just unsightly. They also pose a safety hazard to the driver and passengers. Driving a car with a windshield that’s damaged is like risking your life and that of other drivers around you. You’re very susceptible to get into accidents because of that broken windshield.   

There’s a high possibility that a broken windshield will pop out when you get involved in a collision or even by just stepping on the brakes too fast. You should also know that it’s the windshield that supports the car’s roof. So if it’s not strong enough, high are the chances that your roof will cave in.   

Never Drive with a Cracked Windshield  

The windshield has different functions and one of them is to protect the occupants of the car when an accident happens, especially in cases of rollovers. It’s not advisable to drive a car with its windshield cracked because there’s a high possibility that it would cause more damage than good in case there’s a collision.  

It’s best to have your windshield repaired if you notice even the smallest chipping. You may simply consult with an auto glass repair expert to have it fixed. If there’s a large chip on the windshield, then the repair may not be a viable choice. The windshield has to be replaced entirely.    

What Are Windshields Made Of?  

Most of the windshields installed in cars are made up of two pieces of glass glued together by resin. The role of the resin is to hold the glass in case of collision or impact. The resin keeps glass shards from flying, which is what commonly causes death or serious injuries to the people involved.  

When the resin has been damaged, the windshield won’t be able to withstand the impact of the collision. That’s why it has to be replaced. In addition to that, the large crack on your windshield will affect your vision and reflect the glare of the sun, thus making it so much difficult for you to see the road.  

How to Replace Windshields  

A cracked or chipped windshield may be repaired for $100 or even less. But then again, you shouldn’t just repair windshields. You must assess the damage first as not all cracks are repairable. For windshields that have big cracks and chips, replacement is the best course of action to take.   

It shouldn’t take time to repair or replace windshields. Most of the time, the job won’t take more than an hour, provided that all materials and tools are in place. Find reputable technicians who can help you with the task as they should know if the windshield should be repaired or replaced. They will not rip you off or charge you for a service that you don’t need.   

 If you need Orlando windshield replacement, start by browsing through the different auto glass repair companies in the area. Request a quote if possible, and compare their prices. Go to the company that can provide the best services at the most reasonable rate.